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DURAND NOW - Since 2012 - Category: News
Serving Durand, Bancroft, Byron and the Shiawassee-Genesee county line communities of Lennon, Gaines and Swartz Creek, along with railfans everywhere.

CORUNNA NOW - Since 2014 - Category: News
Serving Corunna and Vernon.

UPLIFT SHIAWASSEE - Since 2014 - Category: Christianity, Podcast
Serving the World.

Email Subscription - Since 2015 - Category: News
Serving Shiawassee County.

THE SHIAWASSEE APPLE MUSEUM - Since 2015 - Category: History

PERRY-LAINGSBURG PULSE and INTEGRITY  - Since 2015 - Category: News - Since 2019 - Category: News
In April 2020, Lansing Integrity (est. 2017) and Perry-Laingsburg Pulse merged to form Perry-Laingsburg Pulse and Integrity
Serving Shiawassee, Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

OWOSSO NOW - Since 2016 - Category: News
Serving Owosso.

THE SHIAWASSEE EXCHANGE - Since 2018 - Category: News
Serving Shiawassee, Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

SHIAWASSEE RADIO - Since 2018 - Category: Podcast
Serving Shiawassee County.

WRIGHT-WALDRON NEWS - Since 2019 - Category: News
Serving Waldron, Wright Township and neighboring communities in Hillsdale and Lenawee counties in Michigan, and Williams and Fulton counties in Ohio.


Part of The Durand Now Network of local news websites.  Serving Shiawassee, Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties since 2015!



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I submitted a local news story. When will it be posted?
Several factors impact when a story gets posted, including when it was submitted (the earlier the better) and in what form (press release with photos is best), and how urgent or time-sensitive it is relative to other stories in the "queue," among other factors.   

Holidays, major news stories or events and other factors can delay a story being posted. 

IMPORTANT: We are no longer able to accept stories submitted via Facebook or other social media sites. Please send your tips and stories to 

I want my story posted on Corunna Now, Durand Now, Owosso Now and Uplift Shiawassee too. How do I do that? 
While stories frequently get "cross-posted" to our other local news sites, if you want it to appear on a specific site, you should be sure to incude that request in your correspondence.

Can I submit a story of local interest? 
Absolutely. We welcome all types of locally-focused contributor content.

Can you add my business to the Business Directory? 
Yes. There is no cost for businesses to be included in the directory. You may submit business name, address, phone number(s), web address and email address as well as business category.

Can you post a story about my business? 
Generally, stories about for-profit ventures such as sales and other special events do not fall within our editorial guidelines for posts. The exception is stories of particular interest to the community, such as the opening or closing of a business. However, advertising partners are welcome to submit this type of story for publication.

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My business is hosting a charitable event. Can you post a story about it? 
Yes. Whether you are an advertising partner or not, if your business is hosting a non-profit, charitable event, we are happy to post it anytime.

How can I get more exposure for my event?
Advertising on Perry-Laingsburg Pulse and Integrity is the best way to keep your business or event top of mind for active, young adults today.

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